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Copper tools are made from excellent material for gua sha scraping. Copper dissipates heat well and is believed to have healing properties.

Copper Gua Sha Tool Cleaning

However, it has one shortcoming - tarnishing.

You can just boil it in a salty water to remove stains. Keep in mind that the scraper will be disinfected, but not sterilized. Boiling a tool in 100°C water for a minimum of one minute time kills all microorganisms. Sterilization, on the other hand, kills not only microorganisms but also spores. Autoclaving (saturated steam under high pressure) is the most common method for sterilizing.

Coming back to our experiment, we've done it with one of the tool purchased on Amazon.

copper gua sha tool Amazon

Here is how to do it.

Just jump to 6:00 in this video.


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