Gua Sha for Migraine and Tension Headache

Relieving  Migraine Headahes with Gua Sha - Research

This is the case of a 72-year-old patient (woman) being treated chronic headaches (migrains) with Gua sha. It was 14-day inpatient multimodal treatment.

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When the woman was admitted to the clinic in October 2006, she reported migraine without aura, or “common migraine” which had been experienced for about 10 years.

Since the beginning of 2000, there was a significant progression with about 3 attacks per week and a pain intensity of 10 on a visual analogue scale (VAS) of 0-10.

A 1-week inpatient neurological diagnosis and therapy was made at the beginning of the year 2000. Triggers of migraine attacks was not determined. At the same time with migraine, tension headache first appeared 10 years ago, with a pain intensity of 5 on the VAS several times a week.

Since September 2005 there was persistent headache, which seemed most likely to be analgesic-induced (medication overuse headache) after neurological examination.

Treatment and course

It was discussed with the patient a "gentle" medication (Triptan) withdrawal and using complementary medical therapy methods and Mind-Body Medicine.

On the first day of therapy it became apparent that due to the patient's high level of distress, applications of the first stage (cold / warm pad, foot bath, mint oil, fresh air and relaxation measures) were insufficient and she was taking medication.

On the following day an acupuncture of the points Ashi, Di 4, Le 3, Gb 39, Du 20 and 3E5 was performed.

On the afternoon of the second day of the therapy, a maximum intensity of migraine headache (VAS up to 10) returned, so a single Gua-Sha treatment of the upper back, neck and temples was performed. See below.

The patient experienced a significant reduction in headache (VAS 5) during the treatment and achieved freedom from pain within 1 hour (VAS 0). The persisting slight "head pressure" required no medication. On the morning of the following day, the patient reported only a slight sensation in the upper neck and back, but no headache.

From the third day of therapy onwards, the daily application of Procaine infusion therapy, cold chest compressions, upper back warming, lavender foot baths and exercise baths were started. The multimodal therapy was supported by group work to improve body awareness, mindfulness exercises and progressive muscle relaxation.

On the third headache-free day, the patient was worrying about the planned fasting on the following day. After further clarification on the course of the 7-day healing therapy and the possibility to end it prematurely, she decided to fast. However, migraine headache of maximum intensity (VAS to 10) recurred late in the evening, leading to nasal administration of zolmitriptan. However, the pain was short-lived, so that the next morning a Gua Sha treatment was performed without further medication.

The session was similarly positive as in the first therapy 3 days before. Within 1 hour after the Gua Sha treatment in the upper back, neck and temple area, the patient was painless, an oral medication or Aspisol Infusion were no longer necessary. The fasting therapy could be done easily.

The patient continued the above-mentioned multimodal therapy after the second Gua-Sha treatment.
She was discharged headache-free on the 14th inpatient day in the further outpatient care.

A telephone follow-up survey 12 weeks after discharge showed a significant reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks to a maximum of 1-2 per month with significantly reduced pain intensity, thus limited analgesic intake and consequently without further onset of persistent headache.

Gua Sha Scraping Procedure

First, the area to be treated is rubbed with a lubricant (Vaseline).
gua sha for migraine tension headache
Lubricate the area to be treated

The therapist scrapes with a rounded object (here with a lid) in a certain holding technique and stroke under gentle pressure over the rubbed skin area.
gua sha treatment for migraine tension headache
Scrape with a smooth-edged object

It shows the desired Petechia and the millet-like skin rash. The skin surface remains closed so that there is no risk of infection.
gua sha for migraine relief
Rub until petechiae occur without skin damage (1)

gua sha for tension headache relief
Rub until petechiae occur without skin damage (2)

gua sha treatment for tension headache relief
Rub until petechiae occur without skin damage (3)

These skin symptoms disappear without consequences within 2-5 days.
gua sha for migraine
Gua Sha Petechiae will disappear within 2-5 days

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