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Cupping Therapy - Effects, Principles, Techniques

In the language of traditional East Asian medicine, cupping is a technique in which various types of suction devices are placed on the surface of the skin to dissolve and distribute stagnant blood, lymph, and energy (qi). The stagnation of blood, lymph and energy (qi) is the cause of pain. Therefore, cupping is a pain relieving technique, especially for the myofascial tissue. In addition, cupping can be used to relieve pulmonary congestion and improve the functioning of internal organs, especially the colon and liver.
cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is an alternative form of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. Cupping therapy has many benefits when done properly. There are different types of cupping therapy methods, but the most common is using cups to create suction around the skin for therapeutic reasons. A person would apply pressure with their thumbs to create movement in the skin. The cups produce a vacuum-like effect in order to pull in tissue and muscle to promote circulation and healing.

Gua Sha, also called scraping therapy or "coining", is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that involves scraping various areas of the body with small metal instruments, or sharpened stones— as bian stone, “jade-like” serpentine, aquamarine, etc.. This practice may be used on its own or before kneading, slapping, or pounding (Moxibustion).

Gua sha and Cupping therapy can lead to potential damage of some blood vessels if not done properly.

The effects of cupping therapy

Dredging and cleaning channels, collaterals (Jing-Luo) and vital points can improve energy and blood circulation

The channels and collaterals of the body internally connect to the Zang-Fu organs, externally connect to the extremities. They are inter-crossed longitudinally and horizontally, and spread over the entire body integrating the interior and exterior, the Zang-Fu organs, and extremities into ап organic unit.

Thus, cupping activates Qi and links up superficial and deep, upper and lower, regulating the activities of tissues in the Zang-Fu organs.

If the function of channels and collaters is compromised, various diseases might happen.

Cupping therapy dredge the channels and collaterals activating the Qin and Blood by the suction action with negative pressure and is beneficial in such circumstances:

  • stagnation of Qi and Blood in channels and organs;
  • deficiencies in channels and collaterals

Besides activating the Qi and Blood in channels, cupping moistens the tissues of the Zang-Fu organs warming up the skin and hairs, at the same time improving the weakened functions of the Zang-Fu organs.

The healthy energy strengthens the function, thereby restoring the Qi and blood in channels to normal, and the disease is cured.

In clinical practice, cupping along the channels, walk cupping and pricking blood cupping or other methods are often used, and all have marked efficacy described above.

Therapeutic effects of cupping therapy are based on the TCM theory of yin, yang, and five elements.

By pressing the cups and applying suction, scraping and ironing the skin with cups’ margins a therapist pulls and presses the superficial muscles and stimulates the channels and acupoints, providing for the transmission of sensory information along the entire body.

This will allow free passage of energy & blood to the crucial organs, properly regulating yin/yang balance and thus eliminating diseases. These changes strengthen the body.

Bi-directional (up down) regulation, and treating different syndromes with same therapy

Cupping therapy creates a bi-directional regulating effect. For example, wet cupping and cupping over the dazhui (大锥) acupoint may cure wind-coldness as well as wind-heat induced common cold.

It may also prove effective to treat the febrile diseases due to internal lesions, hypertension and headache, and other dermatological diseases such as acne, refractory urticaria, etc.

Many clinical researches have demonstrated the bi-directional regulating effect of cupping therapy. It may elevate or lower blood pressure in respect to the condition of a patient. It lowers too high white blood cell count and vice versa. Cupping therapy lowers the rhythm of the heart while tachycardia and speeds up the heartbeat while bradycardia.

The bi-directional regulation is in line with the improvement of diseases. For the best effects, cupping therapy is to be used after differential diagnosis according to the traditional Chinese medicine theory.

The application of various combinations may dredge the channels and collaterals, activating Qi and Blood, resolving congestion and relieving pain, regulating Yin and Yang, clearing away the Heat< Cold, or Wet pathogene substances, and removing toxicants.

Cupping Therapy Techniques

Cupping is very effective in clinical practice, and has three major methods:
  1. Cupping along the channels. Dry Cupping.
  2. Moving, or Gliding Cupping. Dry Cupping.
  3. Wet Cupping (Bloodletting Cupping

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