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gua sha benefits
  • Gua sha treatment increases surface tissues perfusion
  • Gua sha treatment releases the Exterior
  • Gua sha scraping vents excessive Heat
  • Gua sha scraping dredges the Qi meridians, activating flow of Qi
  • Gua sha relieves Blood congestion

If a person to be treated is familiar with traditional Chinese medical ideas then explaining that Gua sha treatment releases the Exterior, dredges the meridians, resolves stagnation of Blood, vents off Heat, activates Blood and Fluid dynamics, cools what is hot and vice versa is correct and appropriate.
If the person is more used to Western medicine terminology then Gua sha treatment can be explained as a technique healing through creating therapeutic petechiae which are signs of increased surface micro perfusion (improvement in circulation), increased upregulation of the expression of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) (scientifically proved), immune system stimulation and anti-inflammatory effect.

Or a therapist can use notions from both models. Simply put, when substances are blocked or stuck function is slowed down and there is often pain and distress: scraping harmonize the stuck substance, dissipates blockades and releases pain.

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