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Petechiae vs Bruising

gua sha bruising

The temporary therapeutic petechiae and ecchymosis patches of Gua sha do not mean bruising. Bruising means damage to a zone of tissue from a trauma or blow. With Gua sha scraping technique blood cells are extravasated (pushed out) from the capillary bed of superficial tissue not producing a damage to the capillaries. The sha that is raised as petechiae then instantly turns into ecchymosis and then begins to fade out. This represents the movement and removal of the extravasated blood and results in immune system and anti-inflammatory stimulation. Typically, the sha completely fades out in 1-3 days. Bruising, on the other hand, which involves the damage to tissues takes longer to disappear.

The speed of raising petechiae, their color, and how fast they fade out are of diagnostic value for a therapist. If the sha comes out fast, it is more recent; if it is hard to raise, it is believed to ground deeper and be more long-lasting. Petechiae is blood cells extravasation and so are red. However, there are differences in the shades of sha. A practitioner must not make conclusions based solely on the color of sha, which should be only to validate other signs and symptoms.


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