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Back-view illustration of guasha treatment from Fangyi chuyan (A Modest Proposal for Epidemic Prevention), Appendix, Jiuyi suxiao liangfa: Guasha tushuo (Rapid and Effective Emergency Treatment Methods for Epidemics: Guasha Treatment Explained in Pictures). Edition printed in 1918 (7th year of the Chinese Republic).

gua sha

Fangyi chuyan (A Modest Proposal for Epidemic Prevention) is a treatise on epidemiology. It contains sections on the clinical treatment and control of epidemic diseases, and prevention and prophylaxis.

Gua Sha Sequence

The text states: The locations for gua sha on the back of the body include the indentation at the back of the head, the tendons at the side of the spine, and the Wei Zhong (Middle of the Crook) acupoint.

One must first prepare a smooth copper coin, lubricated with sesame oil, salt water or vinegar.

One starts at the indentation at the back of the neck, i.e. the indentation at the top of the Great Vertebra (Da Zhui), underneath the occipital bone (Zhen Gu, literally, Pillow Bone).

One then scrapes along the tendons at either side of the backbone. Finally one scrapes the weizhong (Middle of the Crook) point.

One continues until the skin locally appears purple or purplish black. Under no circumstances should guasha be carried out on the 'Pillar Bone' (Zhu Gu, spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra/clavicle), so as to avoid damage to the acu-moxa location.

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