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Review of rules for Scraping Therapy

gua sha instructions

Comfort for Patient

The stroke pressure should be comfortable to the patient. Only in the last stage of raising sha it can cause some tolerable discomfort.
A tip: the therapist’s tool-holding hand should make a contact with the patient’s flesh while stroking (an instrument should come first), which ‘dims’ the feeling of the instrument by the patient.

Body’s First

The body trunk should be treated for any internal organ issues.
In case of extremities issues, treat the body first, only then treat the extremity.
Don’t scrape the extremity without raising sha on the body.


Any zone to be scraped should be exposed to the treatment but relaxed.

Right Direction, Sequencing and Size

Follow this sequencing: start at the middle part of the trunk and work laterally (outward) in stroke lines.
Scrape along muscles’ fibers and not across, don’t think about meridian’s directions.
Keep strokes up to four-six inches long.

Do Gua Sha Evenly

Don’t make stripes.
Finish a stroke line before starting the adjoining stroke line.
Accomplish Gua sha scraping in a manner that sha is raised ‘above, through and below’ the zone of interest.

How to choose Gua Sha Oil

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